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Sambuca Borghetti

SAMBUCA ORO BORGHETTI is born thanks to the meticulous selection of anice flowers, coming from the orient.

Anice, with its typical star shape, if the lower of the anice plant that encloses in each petal a precious seed, like a jewel in a treasure chest.

At the moment of blossoming, the sprouts are still white in colour and are left to mature and become the perfect wood-like consistence. From this long process we derive the delicate and refined aspects of anice. The plant needs at least 5 years before its first blossoming.

The elegant bottle, with its golden decors, as well as the name chosen for the product “Sambuca Borghetti Oro” want to underline the uniqueness, the preciousness and the perfection of this flower.

This historic liquor facility Borghetti was founded in Ancona in 1860.

Transparent sweet and crystal clear, it result sweet to the nose. It’s taste is soft and delicate.


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