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Magnamater, the “great mother” evokes through its name the mother barrel, symbol of the centenary tradition of Distillerie Branca, the wooden barrel safeguarded in the production facilities in Milan. It is one of the largest and oldest barrels of Europe where one of the most important phases of the production process occurs. A majestic name which underlines the excellence and exclusivity of a distillate born by a unique process, outcome of research and experience.

The distilled aquavit made from selections of wines from all of Italy rests in oak barrels, where it
refines thanks the substances released by the wood and oxygenation. The successive selection of 7 prestigious acquavits, one of which is preserved in the Branca cellars for 27 years, gives life to a unique and excellent formula.

The glass black matte bottle presents itself with gold markings on the label, enveloping the prododuct with great elegance and exclusivity. Each bottle is numbered and framed by a prestigious packagings that reminds us of the greatness of the mother cask. The Branca family crest is encorporated in the closure and in the details of the seal to represent the value of tradition.

It has a dark amber-like color with golden reflections and to the palate is results embracing, decisive and full-bodied, with nuances of toasted bark and an intense aroma of vanilla.

It is ideal to savour it near or on ice. It’s the main ingredient in refined cocktails, such as “Brandy Crusta”. Edoardo Nono, Barman and owner of the bar “Rita” in Milan, always makes it with Magnamater and Cointreau.


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